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Lilian Cooper

Love letter to my cherry tree 2022

brick, petal, drawings, text 2022
€ 1400

My work is a series of “Love Letters” to my garden plants. I adore my garden, it brings me so much joy. I have several new pieces. These are text and image works that tie in with my Cabinet of (Natural) curiosities that I have been building. I am not going to give a preview to all of the work but here is a glimpse of one. This is a “love letter to my cherry tree“. I didn’t realise that it even was a cherry tree. It was a worn and intriguing tree that produced a lot of rich green leaves. One day I decided to remove the covering bricks the previous owner had dotted on the surface. I dug and I dug and I discovered it was approximately a cubic metre of bricks. I replaced it with almost innumerable bags of organic soil. Two weeks later I was rewarded with an ebullient and vivacious display of flowers. It now flowers yearly.