About Dominique Dehais (FR)

Dominique Dehais (Fr) (1956) woont en werkt in Parijs

1982 - American School of Fine Arts Fontainebleau
1985 - Diplômé de l'Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts de Paris

about  Dominique Dehais, Paris, 13 octobre 2003, Brigitte Négrier

Dominique Dehais has begun his artistic work by experimentating universe of painting. Through analysing and going sideways with mecanisms of abstraction in art, his paintings reveal his intellectual aim which leads him to produce large works, the size of his own body, to escape from the frame, so that he only works on hanged canvases and directly deals with wood and material.
From the beginning of the 90's, he elaborates a module, a box which, even if he makes it himself has all the characteristics of a standard production (always the same dimensions :Large, 46cm, high, 17,5cm, deep, 10cm).

He put together these boxes in very different shapes which just differ one from the other because of their colour, as if he can change for the better painting production process, and break its repetition.Since that period , he has been elaborating other boxes, made out of fiberglass, and cast-aluminium, but always of the same dimensions.
When he has his boxes, he paints them following a certain chromatic scale, which constitute a stock of coloured boxes. To complete his works of art, he chooses in this stock and put the boxes together, colour revealing the identity of each piece. With this process, he creates a structure with concepted features but where the making process confers a specific entity to each piece.

Besides these modular works, Dominique Dehais creates huge three-dimensionnal works where the spectator can experiment physically his system. By using wood pannels, 210x80cm, coloured following a chancy process he has elaborated before, and installating them in the space according to a schema, he both provoques a visual and physical sensation for the spectator.
All this process he establishes is directly related to social field, industrial production process as well as the socio-economical organisation that follows it, it's obvious through installations such as Negociation (Moscow, april 2003) or Eden, Grundrisse, (Le Quartier, Quimper, France) he realised in 1997-98.
2006 : 3 important shows,
- 'Placards', in Maison de la Culture d'Amiens,
- 'Salon', Galerie La Ferronnerie, Paris,
- 'Zone de production, Naissance d'une automobile', Centre d'art Le 19, Montbéliard
affirm the social field in which he is much engaged now, still using his sense for scheme and
to formate concepts.

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