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David Nilson

David Nilson (born 1982 in Yngsjö, Sweden) works with sculpture in relation to time and space. In company with these objects, such as his moons, icicles or tail lights we find our selves in absurd, dreamlike and perhaps impossible situations.

The sculptures are created with the subtle ingenious that have become his trademark. The varied ways he uses plastic resins allows him to build sculptures from scratch and at the same time let them have a relation to the painted picture, both as a motive and a actual physical object; I can grind, shape, cast and reshape it.. Like a painting in the air.

Nilsons ideas seems to arise from two different directions: elements of time and the common object. A sensation captured in a trivial item. His works evolves around sculpture as a one-plus-one-becomesthree situation. Sometimes site specific, and often hidden, in the corner of the beholders eye.

David Nilson lives and works in Malmö, where he took his MFA at Malmö Art Academy 2013. Born (1982) in Yngsjö in the east parts of Scania in south of Sweden - a countryside blended with sea, sand and an agricultural landscape which has very much influenced his image world.

studio view Yngsjö Nyehusen Sweden 2022